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This is where everyone in the SIG group gets to post their works of art. If you have any pictures you would like to post e-mail them to me and I will make sure they are included. The pictures of our DVPC SIG Members are the results of our experiment with using a green backgorund to make images for transposition to another setting.

I have added a great picture of an albino peacock submitted by SIG member Lyn Oakleaf. Also there is a new picture of a motorcycle in Vietnam, as the caption says "Who needs a car?"

Also of note is the picture of a Bird of Paradise flower taken by Walt Parsons and Margarets transposing of her husband into the Grand Canyon!

To view full click on the thumbnail.

Truman Margaret transposing Truman.
Walt Flower Very nice shot taken in Walts garden.
Art at  Party Art Bonwell enjoying Mardi Gras (we think).
Peggy Johnson Peggy being an angel.
Dick with Sign Dick gets help wherever he can find it.
Dan & Margaret You can't fool Margaret!
Walt in Jungle We all know Walt likes animals.
Jim Urn Jim always gets into trouble.
Mel & Donkey Looks like Jim has competition.
I told you Alan is older than he looks.
Peacock Albino Peacock photograph submitted by Lyn Oakleaf
Motorcycle Who needs a car! Taken in Ho Chi Min City, circa 2006
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