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This is the premier club for PC computer users in the East Bay. We have regular meetings and several Special Interest Groups (SIG's) covering Windows, PhotoShop Elements, Advanced Users that meet on a regular basis and new groups are always under consideration. If you are interested please contact the club through it's web site (dvpc.org) or drop me a line using the e-mail connection on the home page.

I am trying to bring attention to the club by including a blurb about our meetings. We have monthly meetings and have a wide variety of guest speakers covering numerous topics, a question and answer period for those nagging problems that won't go away (someone else has probably had the same) and other informative and entertaining things. (Rumors of Walt's dancing technique have been grossly exaggerated). So read the flyer below and come to a meeting. If you like you can click on the image for a larger size,save and download the picture. It is sized to print out nicely on a standard letter sheet of paper. If you prefer e-mail me and I will send you a .pdf file suitable for printing or if you are so inclined for framing. A custom edition, signed by all the board members is also available!!

So let's get the word out and post the flyer wherever possible, your company lunch room, school bulletin board or anywhere suitable.

DVPC Flyer