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Here are the Tutorials to date. Additional subjects will be covered as needed. Remember if there is something you would like to see put together as a tutorial please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you. Also if there is any errors, typos or areas that are unclear in any of these please let me know. I try to make sure there are no typos or obvious errors but as the saying goes s**t happens!

After reading or downloading any of the tutorials you can return to this page by clicking on the back button in your browser. To return to the Elements SIG home page or to go to the archived newsletters or gallery use the buttons on the left.

If you do not have Adobe Reader click on the logo below for a free download.

Note:I am hoping to post some Adobe Flash tutorials in the future, you can download Adobe Flash Player at this site also.



Color Management Between Camera and Printer Click Here
Layers, The Heart of Elements 9 Click Here
Hexadecimal and RGB Color Chart
Click Here
Layers Tutorial 2
Basic Layers Tutorial
Click Here

Images For Above

Click Here
Lighting Effects Filter Tutorial
Click Here
Chroma Key Images Tutorial
Click Here
Using Type in Elements
Click Here
Adjustment Layers Tutorial
Click Here
Selecting and Masking Tutorial
Click Here
Batch File Processing Tutorial
Click Here
Creating Artwork Tutorial
Click Here
Colorization Tutorial
Click Here
Viewing Pictures for Retouching
Understanding Images, Part 1. Guide to File Formats
Click Here
Understanding Images, Part 2. Guide to Resolution,Size and Printing
Click Here
Creating Displacement Art Pictures
Click Here
Saving Images for the Web
Click Here
Healing and Clone Tools
Click Here
PhotoShop Elements Beginners Guide Click Here
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